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Health/Medical Pre-Professional Studies

Pre-Professional Studies are offered by some colleges and universities to prepare individuals for an advanced degree program after completion of a four-year major/degree. These Pre-Professional Studies give individuals a track to follow during their undergraduate years that help position them for success in their long-term educational/professional career goals.

Pre-Professional Studies are not always the same as majors.  Individuals may participate in any major desired and still take-on a Health/Medical Pre-Professional Studies cohort.  Typically, students choose a major that is in-line with their desired future professional vocation.  For example, an individual may major in Anatomy and Physiology concurrently with participating in a Pre-Physical Therapy Studies.  By doing this, there will be a good amount of overlap between obligations for a four-year degree completion and graduate school prerequisites.

However, there are individuals who choose to major in a subject such as Communication/Journalism or even Visual and Performing Arts and are subsequently accepted into (for example) medical school.  The understanding is fundamental that all of the science courses in the pre-med studies cohort (as well as practice and testing for the MCAT) are required in addition to fulfilling the requirements for the Communication/Journalism or Visual and Performing Arts major.

If you are fairly confident that you are going to want to pursue a post-bachelors advanced degree program, the advantage of a Health/Medical Pre-Professional Studies program is that it will provide you with a solid platform from which to continue with your academic studies and career ambitions.


A bachelor's degree is the most common level of education achieved by those who desire to complete a Health/Medical Pre-Professional Studies cohort.  This typically takes 4 years.

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