Health Aide Major

This major is a program that prepares individuals to provide routine care and assistance to patients under the direct supervision of other health care professionals, and/or to perform routine maintenance and general assistance in health care facilities and laboratories.

What can you do with a major/degree in Health Aide Major?

As a Health Aide, you will likely monitor the health status of an individual with disabilities or illness, and address their health-related needs, such as changing bandages, dressing wounds, or administering medication. Work is performed under the direction of intermittent licensed nursing staff.  You also aid with routine healthcare tasks or activities of daily living, such as feeding, bathing, toileting, or ambulation and help with tasks such as preparing meals, doing light housekeeping, and doing laundry depending on the patient's abilities.

Job opportunities for health aide are very likely in the future as this career subsector is expected to see eight percent (8%) growth 2019-2029.

A high school diploma or equivalent is generally the minimum educational requirement to enter this career area.  Certification or Associate Degree is highly recommended.


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