Chiropractic Major

This major is a program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of chiropractic, a health care and healing system based on the application of non-invasive treatments and spinal adjustments to alleviate health problems caused by vertebral misalignments affecting bodily function as derived from the philosophy of Daniel Palmer.

Includes instruction in the basic medical sciences, chiropractic theory and science, postural and spinal analysis, diagnostic radiology and ultrasound, adjustment technique, patient counseling, professional standards and ethics, and practice management.

What can you do with a major/degree in Chiropractic Major?

As a Chiropractor, it is likely your job to perform clinical functions.  You will administer care for patients with health problems of the neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. You will also address patient clinical interventions, and manage patients’ health concerns, such as back and neck pain.


The job opportunity outlook for chiropractors is good as this career subsector is expected to see a four percent (4%) increase 2019-2029.

As a chiropractor you do not need a doctor’s degree (MD) as treatment in this field is considered personalized and non-invasive.


Trade Associations and Professional Organizations in Chiropractic Major

Professional associations are groups of professionals dedicated to topics in specific fields. Professional associations provide a wealth of online resources, some of which are geared specifically towards students. These organizations typically also host conferences and events, providing great opportunities for learning and networking across your field of interest.



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