Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Major

A Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology major/degree program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills to operate and monitor equipment for the fabrication of semiconductors or microchips from silicon wafers, and to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair the specialized equipment used in this process.

Includes instruction in AC and DC circuits, digital fundamentals, solid state devices, manufacturing processes, vacuum principles and technology, industrial electronics, quality assurance, and semiconductor manufacturing technology.

What can you do with a major/degree in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology?

A bachelor’s degree is typically needed to enter this career field.  Career opportunity areas include (but are not exclusive to) general purpose machinery manufacturing, medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and structural metals manufacturing.

Trade Associations and Professional Organizations in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Professional associations are groups of specialists dedicated to topics in particular fields. Professional associations provide a wealth of online resources, some of which are geared specifically towards students. These organizations typically also host conferences and events, providing great opportunities for learning and networking across your field of interest.

Publications/Magazines in Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology