Suspension and Debarment Investigation Major

This is a program focusing on the principles and techniques for investigating criminal behavior among government contractors and grantees at different levels.

Includes instruction in financial fraud and money-laundering, auditing, computer investigations, legal concepts and applications, procurement law, non-procurement debarment, jurisdiction and lead agency, analytical methods, suspension, parallel proceedings, evidence protection, equitable considerations, investigative techniques, administrative and global solutions, case management and preparation.

What can you do with a major/degree in Suspension and Debarment Investigation Major?

Careers associated with this major include (but are not limited to) financial examiners, police detectives, criminal justice professors, and compliance managers.  Generally (but not exclusively), the program is designed for prosecutors, auditors, analysts, suspension and debarment officials, law enforcement officers, ad attorneys and consists of a comprehensive training.


Trade Associations and Professional Organizations in Suspension and Debarment Investigation Major

Professional associations are groups of professionals dedicated to topics in specific fields. Professional associations provide a wealth of online resources, some of which are geared specifically towards students. These organizations typically also host conferences and events, providing great opportunities for learning and networking across your field of interest.



Publications/Magazines in Suspension and Debarment Investigation