Resort Management Major

Resort Management Studies is a program that prepares individuals to plan, manage, and market comprehensive vacation facilities and services and related products.

Resort Management Studies majors and degree programs likely include instruction in hospitality administration, hotel/motel management, restaurant and food services management, facilities planning, leisure studies, recreation administration, marketing, recreation equipment and grounds operations and maintenance, business finance, insurance and taxation, event management and guest services, personnel management, travel and logistics management, safety and health services, professional standards and ethics, and applications to specific vacation types and locations.

What can you do with a major/degree in Resort Management Studies?

With a major/degree in Resort Management, you may find a career in roles at a management level, then go on to become a general manager of a resort. Perhaps, if you are very hands-on, you could manage day-to-day operations as an operations manager.


Trade Associations and Professional Organizations in Resort Management Studies:

Professional associations are groups of professionals dedicated to topics in specific fields. Professional associations provide a wealth of online resources, some of which are geared specifically towards students. These organizations typically also host conferences and events, providing great opportunities for learning and networking across your field of interest.



Publications/Magazines in Resort Management Studies: